Case Study- Dairy Plant Uses Pigging System to Recover Yoghurt

Case Study- Plant Uses Pigging System to Recover Yoghurt (Dairy)

pigging system for dairy case study
pigging system for dairy case study

A company uses pigging system to recover yoghurt

How Hyperfore hygienic pigging system turnkey project helps yoghurt manufacturing customer improve savings, reduce yoghurt waste and enhance competition through dairy pigging.


Hyperfore implemented a turnkey pigging system project for a yoghurt (dairy )manufacturer in China. This project include the supply of several sets of automatic sanitary pigging systems, automation pigging control system and installation service.This pigging solution effectively decreased yoghurt waste, and enhanced the cleanliness of the manufacturing lines. Additionally, pigging has accelerated the operation efficiency. By saving energy and resources, Hyperfore pigging has contributed positively to the company’s environmental sustainability efforts.

About China YiYi Dairy Plant

yiyi dairy
yiyi dairy

China Anhui Yi Yi Dairy Industry Co., Ltd. is the first modern enterprise system established by Anhui Agricultural Reclamation, a state-level leading industrialized enterprise. It is also the largest cow breeding, dairy processing and green food production base in Anhui Province.

The wasting problems the yoghurt (dairy) manufacturer were facing

Anhui YiYi Dairy Plant was facing some difficulties recently. There were two yoghurt production 2inch pipelines in one of their workshops, 30meters long for each pipeline. And the daily dairy yielding was about 20 tons. But after the filling procedure, there was always a lot of leftover yoghurt that had to be removed from the pipelines.

Their usual practice was to use CIP to wash the inside of the pipelines, as a result, all the leftover yoghurt had to be washed away, this was a significant waste. Normally, the whole CIP process would last for about 1.5 hours, that means, the yoghurt manufacturer had to stop production for at least 1.5 hours each day. Their output suffered a loss and the efficiency became low.

Moreover, the dairy processor had to find out suitable ways to deal with the wasted water. The local government had strict regulations on the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) level in the water supply. If the COD level exceeded a certain limit, the company was unable to discharge its sewage. Considering all the above reasons, they would like to choose pigging as a solution, so they came to Hyperfore for help.

Hyperfore Pigging System In YiYi Dairy plant
Hyperfore Pigging System in YiYi Dairy plant

Hyperfore pigging solutions and our turnkey project implementation

Our advice to the customer was choosing pigging systems to solve the wasting problems. Our pigging solution included automated pigging systems (launching stations, receiving stations, pigs and pig speed controllers, aseptic air filling system, etc.), automation system and PLC electric cabinets, installation and training service, technical support service. The pigging procedure was implemented once a day, and about 5 minutes once. As a result, the pipeline cleaning time was largely reduced. Considering the product was yoghurt, the compressed air that generate the driving force had to be aseptic. So our engineering team installed aseptic air filtering system for the whole pigging system. When the product was in contact with the driving air, it wouldn’t result in contamination.

The yoghurt production line were all automated controlled. Hyperfore pigging systems were automatic too. We used profinet- a type of Ethernet cable, to connect the production system with the pigging systems. Thus,centralized control with automation realized. There is a center control room in the workshop, the operators can observe the working status of the pigging system here, and they needn’t to be next to the production line.

To ensure the pigs can pass through the pipelines smoothly, we chose piggable elbows during installation. We also chose process connectors ,like aseptic clamps that are suitable for pigging system to pass through.The layout, direction, and connections of the pipelines are also important. The elbows should be as few as possible where the pig may pass through.

The purpose of the yoghurt pigging system project training was as the following:

  • Let the customer operators know how to use the touch panel to control pigging procedure.
  • Get operators in mastering how to operate the pigging system easily.
  • Train them how to clean the pigging system together with other equipment in CIP
  • Shoot the troubles that may occur during the dairy pigging procedure.

The pipelines and fittings were prefabricated before they were installed on-site. And the pigging system installation work was implemented during weekends when the customer workshop was not in production. This would reduce as much as possible the loss that cased by production shutdown.

The project result

The customer was highly satisfied with our work and performance throughout the project. They expected a good return on investment. They appreciated our ability to address their specific needs and provide customized solutions that met both their operational requirements and budget constraints.

Our sanitary pigging systems were successfully installed in the dairy plant, and significant cost savings and environmental benefits were gained. The systems were designed to recover yoghurt from the temporary storage tank to the filling machine, and each pipeline leftover product was about 25kg every production batch. The customer could pig the pipelines twice per day, saving about 50kg yoghurt at least. That is to say, the daily saving was about 126 dollars , and 3000 dollars every month.

Hyperfore pigging system turnkey project also contributed to the water and CIP agent savings in YiYi plant. The pigging systems largely reduced the waste water discharge. Since they processed different flavors of yoghurt in the same pipelines, our pigging solution also helped avoid the risk of cross-contamination. The cooperation between Hyperfore and YiYi was successful, our customer benefited from the pigging project in both production efficiency improvement and environment sustainability.


Are you considering to install hygienic pigging system for dairy productions lines, do you want to save your products, please get in touch with us for detailed information.


Our Customer’s Feedback


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I have been looking for a partner like Hyperfore for a very long time.I think Hyperfore is very professional and responsible, their pigging system and engieering service help us with a big problem.
Richard Owens
Procurement Manager
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Hyperfore gave us very detailed and professional advice initially, and in the period of implementation, their project execution ability was very good, all the work were well completed according to our schedule.
Rhonda Key
Production Manager

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