How Much Does a Pigging System Cost?

Why a pigging system is right for you

A pigging system can be the right choice for your industrial operation for several compelling reasons. Firstly, pigging systems are known for their ability to optimize product recovery and minimize waste. By using pigging technology, you can recover valuable product residues that would otherwise be lost in pipelines, resulting in substantial cost savings and increased profitability.

Secondly, pigging systems offer enhanced efficiency in product changeovers. The use of pigs (specialized devices inserted into pipelines) enables faster and more thorough cleaning between product runs, reducing downtime and improving productivity. This streamlined process ensures quicker product turnaround, increasing overall throughput and production capacity.

Thirdly, pigging systems contribute to environmental sustainability. By reducing product waste, water usage, and chemical consumption, they help minimize the environmental impact of your operations. This aligns with growing consumer and regulatory demands for eco-friendly practices, enhancing your company’s reputation and social responsibility.

Furthermore, Hyperfore pigging systems enhance product quality and consistency. They minimize cross-contamination between different products, ensuring purity and integrity throughout the production process. This feature is especially crucial in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, where maintaining product quality is paramount.

Lastly, Hyperfore pigging systems can lead to significant cost savings over the long term. Though the initial investment may seem substantial, the rapid payback and high return on investment (ROI) make them economically favorable in the long run. Reduced waste, improved efficiency, and enhanced product quality all contribute to driving down overall operating costs.

In conclusion, Hyperfore pigging system is a smart investment for businesses looking to boost efficiency, reduce waste, improve product quality, and enhance their environmental footprint. With their clear economic and operational benefits, pigging systems can be the right choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

pigging system cost
How much does a pigging system cost

Planning a budget for your pigging project

Planning a budget for your pigging project is essential, as Hyperfore pigging systems offer rapid payback and a high return on investment. However, pricing is a critical factor in determining the type of pigging system and the level of control and automation it entails. The available budget may also influence the project’s timing. To work out the cost of a pigging system, several factors come into play, including equipment costs, materials, labor, and potential automation expenses. A well-structured budget ensures financial control and efficiency, guiding the project’s execution and enhancing its success. So, understanding pigging system pricing is crucial for making informed decisions in your project.

How to estimate the pigging system price?

Estimating the price of a pigging system involves considering several factors that contribute to its overall cost. First, you need to determine the specific requirements of the pigging system, such as the pipeline size, length, and process layout. Next, you should consider the type of pigging system needed, such as automated pigging system, manual pigging system, sanitary pigging system, and aseptic pigging system. Then you need to consider the type of pipeline pigs needed (e.g., tangent one-piece pigs, lip pigs, or double shoulder pigs), as well as any additional features or customizations required.

The cost will also depend on the technology and complexity of the pigging system, including control systems and data logging capabilities. Installation, commissioning, and training expenses should be factored in as well.

Market conditions and the choice of suppliers can significantly impact the price. Requesting quotations from multiple vendors and conducting a cost-benefit analysis is essential to make informed decisions.

On average, Hyperfore pigging systems can range from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, it’s important to remember that a reliable, high-quality system will provide long-term benefits, including improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and extended pipeline lifespan, making it a worthwhile investment for many industries.


The cost of a pigging system can vary widely depending on the application, size, complexity, and specific requirements. Basic pigging systems for small pipelines may start at a few thousand dollars, while larger and more sophisticated systems for industrial applications can cost tens of thousands dollars or even more.

Pigging is typically done at regular intervals, which can vary depending on factors such as the production cycle, product type, and operational requirements. It can be performed daily, weekly, monthly, for instance.

To calculate pigging, you need to consider factors like the pipeline length, product type, frequency of pigging, and required cleaning or maintenance. The cost of pigging includes equipment, labor, and any potential downtime. Calculate total cost per pigging run and multiply it by the number of runs needed in a given period.

The risks of pigging include pipeline blockage if the pig gets stuck , or pig damage if it impacts heavily with obstacles, potential product contamination if pigs are not properly cleaned between runs, and environmental risks from released product or chemicals. Proper planning, maintenance, and safety measures are essential to mitigate these risks.

Cost and Savings Example

Cost per liter of product¥6
Recovery efficiency99.5%
Pipe diameter(mm)66Product volume per meter of pipeline (L)3.42¥ 20.53
Recovered pipeline length40Total product volume recovered from the pipeline(L)136.85¥ 821.09
Pigging operations frequency per day2Daily product volume recovered(L)270.96¥ 1625.76
Production days per month22Monthly product volume recovered(L)5961.1¥ 35766.62
Unit cost of discharge treatment (¥ per liter)¥1Sewage treatment cost (¥)¥ 5961.1
Total monthly cost savings(¥)¥ 41727.72
Assumed pigging system project cost¥200000Estimated payback period (months)3.8months
DN pipe inner diameter (mm)ISO pipe inner diameter(mm)
DN25:261 inch:22.4
DN40:381.5 inch:35.1
DN50:502 inch:47.8
DN65:662.5 inch:59.5
D N80:813 inch:72.1
DN100:1004 inch:97.6

Generous Return On Investment

The significant cost savings, operational efficiency, and increased productivity achieved by implementing this technology. Hyperfore pigging systems are designed to clean, and maintain pipelines, and their benefits can lead to substantial returns for various industries.The generous ROI of using Hyperfore pigging systems can be realized through improved efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity, and enhanced product quality. The initial investment in implementing our pigging system is outweighed by the long-term financial benefits and competitive advantages it brings to the company, making it a wise and rewarding choice for pipeline operators and industrial facilities.

Short Payback Period

Implementing Hyperfore pigging system offers a short payback period, meaning the initial investment is recouped quickly. The system’s efficiency in cleaning and maintaining pipelines leads to reduced downtime, increased production output, and minimized waste. These factors result in significant cost savings and improved productivity. With fewer maintenance and repair expenses, the payback period is shortened to about 6 months or even shorter, depending on the pigging system types that are chosen, and the ongoing benefits contribute to long-term profitability. Additionally, the enhanced product quality and reduced environmental impact further strengthen the system’s financial viability. Overall, a short payback period of less than one year makes the decision to invest in a pigging system a highly attractive and financially sound choice for pipeline operators and industrial facilities.

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