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HYPERFORE is an experienced manufacturer of hygienic product recovery system in China. We were established in 2005. And the product recovery systems we design and manufacture are manual, automatic, sanitary and aseptic. At the same time, we also provide hygienic product recovery system solutions for all kinds of industries.
Hyperfore has been engaged in high-quality product recovery system research and development. Meanwhile, we continuously update the pigging technology. Our pigging products like pigging stations and sanitary pigs are cost-effective. And they meet customers’ special requirements.
Nowadays, we are so honored to provide our high-quality and economical product recovery systems and services to the global clients. Meanwhile, these clients are active in various industries. For instance, dairy products, beverage, edible oil, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cleaning liquid, hotpot sauce, lithium battery slurry, paint and coatings, curry sauce and any liquid product that is pumped and transferred in pipeline.
Hyperfore is a professional and responsible company.Because our most important goal is to raise customers’ competitiveness. Certainly, the interests of our customers are what we care most.

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our workmanship

Above all, Hyperfore has a professional team who is committed to providing first class standard pigging products and services to our customers.

Our people

Hyperfore focuses on our customers and values the team effort of our people who contribute to the successful delivery of products and projects.

our professionalism

Hyperfore wishes to promote a culture whereby our people carry out their work and connection with our customers in a highly professional manner.

Hyperfore Hygienic Pigging System

Pigging System Solutions

  • Firstly, we communicate fully with you, and get understanding of your problems and your requirement.
  • Secondly, we make it clear what is your current situation. For instance, your products, your pipeline and processing situation.
  • Then, according to your process conditions or drawings our process design team will work on a solution to settle your concerns. We will reach an agreement on how to choose the most suitable pigging systems.
  • After that, we finnally reach agreement about the product recovery solution, we will tell you how much you will save and when you can recover your investment.
How Do We Work Together
  • Next, we present you the pigging equipment. Also, if you have a turnkey project, we’ll also supply with you automation system, installation and commissioning services.
  • Once the product recovery system equipment and automation software are properly installed, our engineer will do commissioning untill the system runs well.
  • Finnally, our after sale team will provide you with all kinds of services concerning pipeline pigging, like personnel training, online technical support, software upgrading and spare parts.


Designed For You

HYPERFORE sanitary product recovery system consist of three types: manual product recovery system, sanitary(hygienic) product recovery system, and sterile(aseptic)product recovery system. The sanitary and aseptic types are automatic. Certainly, all of the three types are fit for hygienic application.
The pigging technique meets not only the requirements of hygiene, but also saves raw materials and make the production process more flexible.

HYPERFORE high-quality products can almost recover over 99% of valueable, remaining liquid in pipelines.More importantly, this recovered liquid still can still be processed, and sold. This means there are many benefits whenever pigging the line. Less cleaning agents and water will be used. Meanwhile, the return on investment is often achieved within less than a year after installation.

Pigging Systems Parners

In fact, we cooperate with many different customers from different countries. Moreover, our pigging products and hygienic pigging system solutions are always worked out carefully. Not only do we consider the quality, but also we care a lot about the cost. Nevertheless, there are still room for us to improve. In general, Hyperfore team is passionate and hardworking. Also, we are cooperative and concerned with customers wholeheartedly.



We customize each product recovery system for our clients. More over, we carry out precise design according to your specific problems and ensure that you are fully satisfied with it before starting production.

Rich Experience

HYPERFORE has decades of experience in process engineering. Our customers are from industries like dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, cleaning agents, etc. The customers’ care about is what we value most.

Trust-worthy Partner

Clients count on us not only for our superb technology, first class standard products , reasonable price, but also for our good service, successful pigging system case example and quick action. We have alway been pursueing better.


Pigging Solutions – from products to turnkey projects

Hyperfore are engaged in sanitary (hygienic) product recovery system solutions. Presently, we have three types of product recovery systems. In general, they are manual system. sanitary system and aseptic system. Certainly, we also have other pigging products. For example, piggable 3 way diverter valve, piggable pheumatic ball valve, pipeline pig speed controller,etc.  

Because every plant is different, our solution is not always the same. As long as we know the customer’s needs, we always work out customized solutions. Such as standalone or integrated automation software, remote or on site commissioning, process design and installation, and so on.

Hyperfore Hygienic Product Recovery System Solutions

What Clients are Saying

Hyperfore hygienic pigging solution is reliable and cost-effective, The shortest time to recover the investment is 3 to 6 months

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We are top shampoo manufacturer in China. Before using pigging system, our product wasted a lot. Hyperfore sanitary pigging systems are really good. Firstly, they are automatic controlled and easy to install. Above all, they helped us save product, improved yields and profit.We purchased 6 sets of automatic systems and several piggable three-way diverter valves. In conclusion, I think their quality is very good. So it is nice to have business with them.
Richard Owens
Equiment Manager
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We are a famous toothpaste plant in Pakistan.
Certainly, Hyperfore helped us with their customized pigging solution. At first, we wanted to recover our product remained in the production pipeline. Afterwards, Hyperfore offered very professional pigging solution and automatic control systems. Eventually, they perfectly solved our problem.Their equipments are good. In a word, we are really happy to work with them.
Steve Martin
Production Manager