Pig Launchers and Pig Receivers

What are Pig Launchers and Receivers /pig launching stations and receiving stations?

Pig launchers and receivers are very crucial components of pigging systems. Pig launchers are used to store the pigs and also send the pigs into the pipelines. Pig receivers are used to receive the pigs when the pigging procedure is finished. The pig launchers are installed at the beginning of the pigging pipeline. For Hyperfore pig launchers, they are usually installed vertically, and the position is right after the pump outlet. The pig receivers are to stop the pigs after a successful run of pigging procedure. The pig receivers are installed right close to discharging point, such as the inlet of the storage tanks or the filling machines.

Functions of the pig launchers and pig receivers

Pig launchers/pig launching stations

Pig launchers are also used to store the pigs as a container. The pigs can be held tightly in Hyperfore pig launchers to prevent them from moving around. They can only be moved by driving force activated by automation program. For sanitary application fields, such as food and beverage industries, the design of pig launchers are usually hygienic, like Hyperfore pig launchers or launching stations, that is to say, there is no dead corner of the pig launchers and if the liquid products pass by the launchers, they can easily be cleaned and washed away. There is an inlet port in the launching station, it is provided for the product, air and CIP liquid to flow in.

When the pigs return to the launching stations for CIP cleaning, the launchers work as the pig home base, the pigs have to stay in the launchers to be cleaned.

Pig receivers/pig receiving stations

When the run of pigging procedure has finished, the pig receivers are used to stop the pigs at the end of the transfer line and just ahead of the discharging point. Normally when the pigs arrive at the pig receivers, the liquid products are sent to the storage tanks and filling machines. There is an inlet and outlet port in the bypass pipeline near the receivers, they are provided for the propelling air to come into the pipes to send to pigs back to the launchers.

Pig lip (pig disc) relax receivers:

Hyperfore pig lip relax receiver is specially for lip pigs. is actually a pig lip relaxing chamber that is installed close to the pig receiver. When the lip pigs travel along the pipeline to the pig receiver, the lips (or discs) are compressed tightly so as to scrape the residue products stuck to the inner wall of pipelines. The pig lip relax receiver allows the pig disc to relax and reorient, ready for travelling back to the pig launching station. Whether lip pigs or one-piece pigs depend on the applications. In some sanitary applications, if the products contain solid or the pipe may cause friction, lip pigs and relax receivers are recommended.

Pig stoppers:

The pig stoppers work like pig receivers in some circumstances, especial for pigging in multiple destinations application. The pig can move on to different destinations one by one along the pigging pipeline, the pig stopper can stop the pig before the appointed destination according to process sequence.

What are the features of the pig launcher and receiver?

These features include:

  • Sensors are mounted on the exterior of the pig launchers, sending proximity signals to the automation control system to track the location of the pig.
  • Sensors are mounted on the exterior of the pig receivers,
  • Easy pig insertion and removal for pig launchers and pig receivers in Hyperfore pig system
  • Pig sensor for pig detection in the relax chamber.
  • Inlet and outlet ports are provided for CIP fluid, propellant air and venting of mixed air and liquid product.
  • Inlet and outlet ports for the purpose of CIP fluid supply and discharging.

Applicable for single pig systems, double-pig systems and multiple destination systems.

Working principle of pig launcher and pig receiver

The two pictures below represent one kind of Hyperfore pig launchers and pig receivers, they are automatic controlled and suitable for sanitary applications.

After the product transfer is stopped, the pigging procedure begins. and the valves close to the launching station are open to allow propellant air to come in, the rod in the launcher pushes the pig to the outlet of it, sensors send signals to the control system, showing that the pig is in the right position. And the air drives the pig to start off. The pig is driven along the pipeline to its destination. Once the pig arrives at the receiving station, it is stopped by the receiver from moving forward, the sensor on the receiver locates the position of the pig and sends signals to the control system, then propellant is introduced at the receiver to send to pig back to the launcher, the home of the pig. The pigging system can be mounted to recover product to the filling machine or destination tank, at the same time, it can clean the pipeline.

What size are pig launchers and receivers?

automatic pig launcher
Automatic pig launcher
Part No.SizeABC
Automatic pig launcher ISO series-Flange connection
automatic pig launcher
Automatic pig launcher
Part No.SizeABC
Automatic pig launcher DIN series-Flange connection
pig receiver
Pig receiver
Part No.SizeABC
Automatic pig receiver ISO series- Tri-clamp connection
Part No.SizeABC
Automatic pig receiver DIN series- Tri-clamp connection

Customized pigging solutions

Customized pigging solution means that the turnkey project including the pigging equipment, the control system, and the pigging service can be bespoken. All Hyperfore pigging systems can be customized based on customer’s process and application. Pig launchers and receivers can be custom-made as well, according to various factors such as the pipeline size, liquid products being processed, degree of automation , customer’s budget and more.

please take a look at the pigging system demonstration video for visual pigging action.


There are some differences between the pig launcher and pig receiver.First, the pig launcher is to used to launch the pig to the pigging pipe, while the pig receiver is to stop the pig at the destination point.Second, the pig launcher is mounted at the beginning of the pigging pipe, and the receiver is mounted at the end of the pigging pipe. Third, the pig launcher is the home base of the pig, but the receiver is just to stop the pig.Fourth, the pig can be CIP in the launching station, when the pig arrives at the pig receiver, the pig has to be sent back to the launcher.

A pigging system works by using a specialized device called a “pig” to clean, recover product, or inspect pipelines. The pig is inserted into the pipeline and propelled by the product or a separate propellant. It cleans the pipeline walls, recovers residual product, and can perform various tasks, improving efficiency and reducing waste.

The reason why it is called a pig launcher maybe because one of its functions is to launch the pig to the pigging pipeline. The pig stays inside the launching station at first, after the pigging begins, it is transmitted into the pipes by the launcher.

Hyperfore is a professional pigging system manufacturer. We make different kinds of pig launchers and pig receivers.Such as manual pig launchers and receivers, automatic pig launchers and receivers, sanitary pig launchers and receivers.

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