Sanitary or Hygienic Pigging systems

Recovering more than 99% of high-valued products

Sanitary Pigging System

Feature one

Hyperfore sanitary pigging system includes launch station, pigs(scrapers), pig stopper,return station and other components.

Feature two

Sanitary pigging system helps to save large amount of water,cleaning agents and reduce the time for CIP.

Feature three

Hyperfore sanitary pigging systems remove more than 99.5% of the product from a full pipeline.

Feature four

It is widely used in liquid food, dairy.cosmetics, hotpot sauce, pharmaceutical, detergent industries, curry sauce, etc.

sanitary pigging system per
Hyperfore automatic sanitary pigging system
sanitary pigging system
Hyperfore sanitary pigging system

As can be seen,Hyperfore sanitary pigging system is composed of a launching station, a receiving station and a pig. Obviously, It can improve production, reduce waste and cross contamination. Particularly, it is suitable for the recovery and utilization of dairy , alcohol, liquid drugs, cosmetics, cleaning agents, sauces, lithium battery slurry, paints and coatings, and viscous products. In short, our sanitary pigging system is extensively used by famous companies. Of course, if the hygiene requirement is very high, you can still choose Hyperfore aseptic pigging system.

ISO 1”,1.25”,1.5”,2”,2.5”,3”,3.5”,4”,5”,6”
MaterialStainless Steel304,316L for parts contacting products
Pressureless than or equal 0.8MPa
Polishing OR<Ra1.6,ID<Ra0.8,ID<Ra0.375
Temperatureless than150°C
Pig driving Pressure less than or equal 0.2MPa normally
Sanitary pigging system specifications

The above table shows the general technical specification for Hyperfore sanitary pigging system.

  • Sanitary pigging system is automatic.That is to say, it is operated by PLC with either HMI or SCADA system.
  • It is very convenient to clean the pig in the sending station during CIP.
  • Launchers ,receivers ,pig stoppers and other pigging components are automatic.
  • Low maintenance and operation costs
  • Hygienic(sanitary) design
  • Tailored solution for sanitary pigging system projects
  • Customized pigging system available
  • Thoughtful after sales service and fast response
  • The sealing is designed with special structure.Therefore it ensures no dead corner inside the pig launcher.
  • Sanitary launching station is smooth inside. For instance, it has rounded corners.
  • Our pig cage is made of stainless steel bars.
  • Residual liquid in pipeline can be completely emptied by gravity. Thereafter, it is more easy for cleaning.
  • CIP time is much reduced.
  • Type: automatic launching station and manual launching station
  • Stainless Steel 304, 316L for parts contacting products
  • Connection type: clamp, thread, flange
  • ISO1″-ISO6″, DN25-DN150
  • Stable structure, high quality
  • Type: automatic receiving station and manual receiving station
  • The interior of the receiving station is smooth, so, no dead corners
  • Residual liquid in receiving station can be completely emptied
  • Can CIP
  • Can SIp
  • 316L for parts contacting products
  • Sealing:EPDM, VMQ, NBR
  • Connection type: clamp, thread, flange
  • ISO1″-ISO6″,DN25-DN150

Sanitary Pigging System Cases


automatic pigging system

Pet Food

manual pigging system
pigging system case of dairy industry


automatic pigging system
pigging system case of dairy industry


automatic pigging system
Frequently Asked Questions
product recovery system
Prouduct recovery system
How the name of pigging system comes into being?

Pigging system, also known as pipeline product recovery system, was once a concept in pipeline maintenance. And it involves the use of a device called a pig. To explain, it is used to clean the pipeline and recover products in the pipeline. Most importantly, this process is completed without disturbing the flow of products in the pipeline. In fact, pipeline pigs are used in many different industries. For instance, oil and gas, lubricants, chemical plants. And even aseptic applications, such as pharmaceutical or food. Of course, selecting the right pipeline pig for a application requires extensive experience. Given that the pig passes through the pipeline at a fast speed, and the friction with the pipeline usually makes a sound, which is a little like the cry of a pig, so it is also called a pigging system.

sanitary pigging system work principle
Sanitary pigging system work principle
The working principle of a product recovery system

Pigging is to send a specially designed projectile into the pipeline, which is called a pig. Furthermore, the pig is usually driven by clean compressed air, or sometimes water and liquid products. Meanwhile ,when the pig passes through the pipeline, very little liquid can pass through the pipeline. As a result, the pig can safely transfer the liquid to the destination. On the other hand, the use of sanitary pigs can prevent products from being contaminated. That is to say the liquid remains in its original state. So, it can continue to be processed in the same way as the main part of the product. Generally speaking, pigging system is usually a permanent device and an integral part of production and operation.

Sanitary product recovery system types

Nowadays, most pigging systems are automatic, therefore, improving efficiency and reducing the chance of human error. Hyperfore also manufactures manual pigging system. The pig can be taken out manually at the receiving station. So it is suitable for operations with relatively less recovery frequency.

Automatic  launching station
Automatic launching station
Manual launching station and manual receiving station

Hyperfore manual product recovery system includes a manual launching station, a manual receiving station. Nevertheless it is a econimical and efficient sanitary pigging system.

Automatic launching station and automatic receiving station

It is suitable for hygienic application. Such as in food, beverage, dairy, chocolate, candy, cosmetics, shampoo, detergent and other industries. Components of our hygienic automatic product recovery system are automatic launching station, automatic receiving station,etc. Another key point, it can recover more than 99.5% of the residual liquid during pipeline pigging.

Automatic sterile launching station

It is suitable for industries with strict requirenment for hygiene. For example, dairy products, wine, beverages, medicine and biotechnology industries. Hyperfore sterile product recovery system can be cleaned by CIP and SIP. The design of its launching station makes the whole product recovery system reach sterility level. That is to say, it is safe and relible.

Selecting the right pigging systems for the right production lines. Hyperfore is ready for professional advice.

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