Hygienic (Sanitary) Pigs

The HYPERFORE line of sanitary pigs: one-piece pigs, lip pigs, and turbo jet pigs (pigs for powder recovery) stands out as the top choice for effectively recovering a diverse array of liquid and powder products, all of them are food grade pigs .

pipeline pigs
One-Piece Tangent Pig

The HYPERFORE pigging products, pigs for hygienic pipes, including the hygienic one-piece pig, are constructed from durable, wear-resistant elastic materials and have obtained FAD certification as well as a plasticizer-free certificate, ensuring they meet stringent hygiene and safety standards. The unique design of these pigging products incorporates a 360-degree fully encased aluminum alloy internal permanent magnet, providing an added layer of protection against potential accidents that might otherwise damage the magnet and cause contamination. Moreover, the one-piece pig can be easily detected using a dedicated detector.

The dimensions of the one-piece pig are slightly larger than those of the pipeline, allowing for a snug fit against the inner pipe wall, thereby achieving optimal scraping results,as demonstrated in the pigging case for dairy recovery This close conformity ensures that over 99.5% of the product can be effectively recovered during the pigging process. Additionally, the one-piece pig is designed to successfully pass through piggable equal tees, offering versatility in various pipeline configurations.

In summary, the HYPERFORE hygienic one-piece pig combines wear resistance, hygiene certification, and innovative magnet protection. Its precise fit to pipeline walls and ability to pass through equal tees make it a highly efficient solution for product recovery in hygienic applications. Furthermore, it is an environmentally responsible choice, minimizing the risk of pollution due to its robust design.

  • It can pass through the elbow with bending radius of 1.5D,3D,5D
  • One-piece pigs can move bidirectionally inside the pipeline
  • Material: VMQ, FKM, NBR, EPDM, PU
  • Certificate: FDA, SGS
  • The maximum pressure that the pig can withstand in the pipeline is 40 kg
  • The normal pressure of pushing the pig in the pipeline is 0.2mp-0.4mp or 2kg to 4 kg
  • The best speed of pig ball is 0.5 m per second to 2 m per second
  • The diameter of the pig is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the pipe, and is about 1.1-1.3 times of the inner diameter of the pipe
  • The pig should be used when there is product in the pipe to prevent the pig from dry friction with the pipe wall

General Specifications

DCPMB00D025A DN25Φ29*1.5 28
DCPMB00D040A DN40Φ41*1.5 84.4 
DCPMB00D050A DN50 Φ53*1.5 184.8 
DCPMB00D065A DN65 Φ70*2.0 394.7 
DCPMB00D080A DN80 Φ85*2.0 695 
DCPMB00D100A DN100 Φ104*2.0 1322.8 
DCPMB00D125A DN125 Φ129*2.0 
DCPMB00D150A DN150 Φ154*2.0 
one-piece scraper size
DCPMB00T025A 1″ Φ25.4*1.5 18.66 
DCPMB00T032A  1.25″ Φ31.8*1.5 37.5 
DCPMB00T038A  1.5″  Φ38.1*1.5 66.6 
DCPMB00T051A 2″  Φ50.8*1.5 160 
DCPMB00T064A 2.5″  Φ63.5*2.0 300 
DCPMB00T076A 3″ Φ76.1*2.0 480  
DCPMB00T089A 3.5″  Φ88.9*2.0 821.4 
DCPMB00T101A  4″ Φ101.6*2.0 1237.8 
DCPMB00T127A 5″ Φ127*2.0 
DCPMB00T152A 6″ Φ152.4*2.0 
one-piece scraper size
one-piece pig size
Material: VMQ, FKM, NBR, EPDM, PU
one-piece pig size
Material: VMQ, FKM, NBR, EPDM, PU

The tables above are to display the detailed technical data of the one-piece scraper.


Suitable for liquid products with particles or frictional products


Hyperfore hygienic pigs can be easily detected by our pig dectector


Hyperfore sanitary pig has received FAD Certificate and Plasticizer Free Certificate


Able to be cleaned all together with the pipeline by CIP or SIP


The pig can run about 28km within its service period

one-piece lip scraper

The dual-shoulder hygienic pig, also one of the hygienic pigs, with its symmetrical design, features a relatively soft material and this symmetrical shape, ensuring a snug fit to the inner walls of pipelines, thus achieving optimal pigging efficiency. Compared to conventional pigging devices, it offers superior pigging performance, resulting in significantly lower product residue on the pipeline walls and improved product recovery rates, thereby enhancing pigging ROI. Of course, it requires a relatively higher driving force to propel the pig through the pipeline. It is available in various materials such as VMQ, EPDM, FKM, and more, making it suitable for pigging applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and other hygienic fluid product industries. Customization is also available to meet specific requirements.

The symmetrical design of the dual-shoulder hygienic pig allows it to conform closely to the inner pipeline walls due to its relatively pliable material, delivering optimal pigging performance. In comparison to standard sanitary pigs, it ensures more effective removal of residual product from the pipeline, thereby enhancing product recovery rates. However, it does require a higher driving force to propel the pigging device within the pipeline. This device is crafted from various materials such as VMQ, EPDM, FKM, and others, making it versatile for pigging applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and other hygienic fluid product industries. Customization options are available to tailor the device to specific needs.

Technical Data
DCPLXDXD025ADN25 Φ29*1.5
DCPLXDXD040A DN40 Φ41*1.5
DCPLXDXD050A DN50 Φ53*1.5 
DCPLXDXD065A DN65 Φ70*2.0 
DCPLXDXD080A DN80 Φ85*2.0 
DCPLXDXD100ADN100 Φ104*2.0 
DCPLXDXD125A DN125 Φ129*2.0 
one-piece lip scraper size
DCPLXDXT025A 1″ Φ25.4*1.5 
DCPLXDXT032A1.25″Φ31.8*1.5 25
DCPLXDXT051A2″Φ50.8*1.5 43.3 
DCPLXDXT064A 2.5″ Φ63.5*2.0 50.3 
DCPLXDXT076A 3″ Φ76.1*2.0 65.5
DCPLXDXT089A 3.5″ Φ88.9*2.0 75.5 
DCPLXDXT102A 4″ Φ101.6*2.0 84.8 
DCPLXDXT127A5″ Φ127*2.0 
DCPLXDXT152A 6″Φ152.4*2.0 
one-piece lip scraper size
Material: VMQ, FKM, NBR, EPDM, PU
Material: VMQ, FKM, NBR, EPDM, PU

The tables above are to display the detailed technical data of the one-piece lip scraper.

lip pig

The HYPERFORE dismantlable lip pig, designed with hygiene in mind, is expertly crafted using sanitary materials and features soft, elastic lip-shaped seals. These specially engineered lip-shaped seals not only extend the pig’s lifespan but also make it exceptionally well-suited for products containing particles, as evident in various pigging cases. One of the key advantages of this pig is its replaceable lip-shaped seals, which can be individually swapped out, ensuring cost-effective maintenance.

Furthermore, the dismantlable pig, known for its exceptional versatility, effortlessly navigates through elbows with bending radii of 1.5D, 3D, and 5D, making it a perfect fit for a wide array of pipeline configurations. This innovative design not only enhances the pig’s longevity but also guarantees its adaptability to diverse product and pipeline requirements, making it an ideal choice for hygienic applications and various pigging solutions.

Material: lip (VMQ, FKM, EPDM) body (PP, PFA)

The dismantable version has an economical operating cost. The lip seals can be replaced according to their wear and tear and adapted according to the process fluid

The design of our scrapers offers a low friction coefficient while allowing maximum recovery of the product.The required pushing pressure is reduced.

Pig :
– Polypropylene.
– PFA, on request

Lip seal :
– On request:
FKM antacid

Technical Data
DCPMS01D025A DN25 Φ29*1.5
DCPMS01D040A DN40 Φ41*1.5
DCPMS01D050A DN50 Φ53*1.5 
DCPMS01D065A DN65 Φ70*2.0 
DCPMS01D080A DN80 Φ85*2.0 
DCPMS01D100A DN100 Φ104*2.0 
DCPMS01D125A DN125 Φ129*2.0 
dismantable lip scraper size
DCPMS01T025A 1″ Φ25.4*1.5 
DCPMS01T032A1.25″Φ31.8*1.5 2550
DCPMS01T038A1.5″Φ38.1*1.534.2 61.447.4
DCPMS01T051A2″Φ50.8*1.5 43.3 82.8113.4 
DCPMS01T064A 2.5″ Φ63.5*2.0 50.3 99.8 195.4 
DCPMS01T076A 3″ Φ76.1*2.0 65.5117.5 348.6 
DCPMS01T089A 3.5″ Φ88.9*2.0 75.5 137.5 607.8 
DCPMS01T101A 4″ Φ101.6*2.0 84.8 156.3 854.2 
DCPMS01T127A 5″ Φ127*2.0 
DCPMS01T152A 6″Φ152.4*2.0 
dismantable lip scraper size
lip pig size
lip scraper

The tables above are to display the detailed technical data of the dismantable lip scraper.

Turbo jet pipeline pig for powder pigging

Turbo Jet Jetting Pipeline Pig:

The Jetting Pipeline Pig, also called pigs for powder recovey, features six gas jet nozzles at its front end. As it traverses through the pipeline, it expels N2 from the jetting end to dislodge any powder adhering to the inner pipe walls. The airborne particles are then conveyed to the end of the pipe, achieving a more effective cleaning process. Following the pipe pig, it reduces the time and manpower required for subsequent cleaning.

  • It complies with ISO 1.5″ to ISO 4″ and DIN 11850 series DN40 to DN150 standards.
  • Constructed from highly abrasion-resistant, food-grade cleaning materials.
  • Customization available for other pipeline standard sizes.
  • Customizable sealing materials include EPDM/FKM/VMQ, among others.
  • Can be integrated into fully automated systems.

Powders are widely employed in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, metallurgy, chemicals, plastics, coatings, and construction, playing a pivotal role. They serve as essential components in the production of food, pharmaceuticals, fillers, functional materials, drugs, biomaterials, and processing materials. Especially in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing sectors, powdered formulations represent a common pharmaceutical dosage form, utilized for the production of tablets, capsules, powders, and oral liquid preparations, among other formulations. In the food industry, they are also found in the form of products like milk powder, vegetable fat powder, starch, flour, and more.

The implementation of a sanitary pigging system helps achieve significant cost savings. Sanitary pigging systems play a crucial role in preserving product quality and safety while optimizing efficiency in these diverse industries.

Bidirection And Wearing-Resisting Hygienic Pipeline Pigs

Largely improving production and reducing cost

Common Questions
Yes, Our Pigging system Can Recover edible oil.

Certainly, Hyperfore can supply pigging system suitable for the needs of edible oil pipeline. In addition, with our rich experience in liquid product recovery system, Hyperfore promise that we can design and manufacture pigging solutions that exceed customers’ expectations and achieve sustained savings and fast return on investment.

The Average Installation Time Is About One Week

Since each pigging system is unique and designed according to the exact requirements and needs of each customer, therefore, there is no standard answer to the installation time. However, as a general guide, the average installation time of a simple single scraper pigging system is about one week. This includes electrical, automatic control and mechanical installation.Certainly, the installation time of other types of solutions (such as multi-source to multi-target systems) will be slightly longer.

Launching Station, Receiving Station and Scrapers

There are several different products that belong to pigging system components. For instance, the pig launching station, receiving station, the scraper, the detector, the speed regulating device, and different kinds of valves and accessories. However, the launching station, the receiving station and the scraper itself are the most important components. Because the operational effectiveness of a pigging system depends on reliable, and well-designed scrapers, launching stations and receiving stations.

Maximum speed is 60 meters per second

The speed of the pig can reach 60 meters per second. But at such a speed, the pig can even break the glass. so it is not necessary for the pig to be too fast. As a matter of fact, the ideal speed of the pig is 0.5 meters per second to 2 meters per second.

The Pushing Pressure Is Less Than 2 kg

Generally speaking, when considering how to choose a pigging system, it’s advisable to keep the pushing pressure at or below 2 kg, equivalent to 0.2 MPa. However, it is acceptable if the pushing pressure exceeds this limit. Theoretically, the pig can withstand a maximum pressure of up to 40 kg, although this has not been formally tested.

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