Pigging System Case Studies

Hyperfore hygienic pigging systems can be applied to many industries, like food, pharmaceutical, etc. We have many successful cases about the pipeline pigging system and solutions to share with you.

Pigging System Case Studies

HYPERFORE pigging system case studies display how our pigging technology and pigging solution contribute to the customers’ success.

pipe passivation

The purpose of pipeline acid-washing is to form a dense protective layer, furthermore, reducing corrosion and prolonging the service life of pipeline. In fact that acid-washing can increase the resistance in the pipe, consequently to increase the friction. Hence, the acid-washing process ought to be under controll, so as not to make the pipe inside bumpy.It is harmful to the pigging system and pigs. However, for food industries, the pipe don’t need to do acid washing.

Pigging System Case Study
Pigging System installation

Pigging system case study

During pigging system installation on site, for welded junctions, automatic girth welding can be used. Generally speaking, high-skilled welder who has food and pharmaceutical industries experience is necessary. And then, the bending radius of the elbow is 3D and the minimum ovality is less than 0.2mm. In addition, the removable pipes are connected by concentric flanges. Meanwhile. the welding pipe material is 304 or 316L. Afterwards, operators install the launcher and receiver on main pipelines and reinforced with pipe bracket.

pig speed controller

When pigging system are working, pressure range of the pig is 1.5bar-2bar. Generally speaking, we recommend the pig speed controller to control the pig speed. However, operators are often lack of experience when they are doing the commissioning. In this accassion, we also recommend to use a throttle valve to control the gas flow.

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