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Do you want a clean, orderly and effective plant? Are you looking for a professsional pigging system installation and commissioning team? Just contact HYPERFORE!

For more than ten years, HYPERFORE has accumulated valuable experience in the field of installation and commissioning, especially for pigging installation. As can be seen, our team has provided high-quality pigging system installation and commissioning services to leading brands manufacturers both home and abroad in many industries.

installation and commissioning for pigging system

It is important to realize, professional engineering technique is very important, especially for the pigging system turnkey projects. But HYPERFORE has a good command of the know-how for project implementation, and can avoid common problems from the very beginning. And we offer professional on-site supervision and management.

Pigging Installation Working Process

  • Create factory installation layout and process flow diagram
  • Piping, pipe frame: design, layout and connection
  • Power supply cord, cable, signal wire: design, layout and connection
  • Product pipes, CIP pipes: design, layout and connection
  • Equipment and instrument installation and connection
  • Installation of electrical cabinet
  • Project management: guarantee project quality, time limit, cost, safety and coordination
  • Installation supervision
  • Project checking and acceptance
  • Technical support and customer service

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Experienced and Effecient Pigging Installation Team

In general, our installation work is to seamlessly integrate various unit systems and equipments into customers’ production process. We have delivered many high-quality and cost-effective installation projects, such as pigging installation, and installation for mixing system, filtration system, CIP system, fruit adding system, entire production line and entire production workshop. and partners speak highly of our engineering work.

installation and commissioning
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To upgrade the production line, or do pigging installion work in your new plant?

installation and commissioning for food plant

On-site Commissioning

Certainly, pigging system on-site commissioning needs good organization and management. HYPERFORE provides top quality commissioning services, such as process equipment installation inspection, IO testing, dry testing, water testing, product testing, check and acceptance.Altogether, this is to ensure the good operation of individual equipment and instruments in the system and the efficient coordination between them.Likewise, our experienced engineers deliver you a trouble free pipeline or plant after careful on-site commissioning.

Services and support

In case of any problem or emergency, HYPERFORE provide on-site maintenance or remote support based on internet to ensure that you can be provided with production guarantee in the first time.

customer training

We explain to customers how the whole pipeline or the system works, and how the automation system control the relevent equipment, also the function of each component and how to disassemble and maintain them,etc.

Spare parts

HYPERFORE provide customers with top quality pigging products and spare parts,for instance, pigs, sealings, piggable valves, pipes, bends, piggable elbows, swingbend, pig detectors, instruments, sensors, ,etc.

Pigging System Project Implementation,
Efficient, Reliable and Sustainable.
installation and commissioning
installation and commissioning
installation and commissioning


Many of our customers have a lot of questions concerning the pigging system, automation control, turnkey solutions and so on. If you have similar questions ,please contact us.

The procedure of delivering a pigging system turnkey project

Firstly, we fully communicate with you to understand your problems.

Secondly, we need to find out your current situation. Your products, your pipelines and processing conditions.

Then, according to your process conditions, our process design team will formulate solutions to solve your problems, and we will modify them according to your situation.

Afterwards, we will reach an agreement on the pigging solution.

Next, we will show you the pigging equipment. If you have a turnkey project, we will also provide you with automatic control, installation and commissioning services. Once the pigging system equipment and automation software are properly installed, our engineers will conduct commissioning until the system runs well.

Finnally, our after-sales service team will provide you with various services, such as personnel training, online technical support, software upgrade and spare parts.

The correct installation direction of the launcher and the receiver

The automatic launcher shall be installed vertically, because the pig can drop into the cage under gravity effect, otherwise it might be damaged by the lever.The automatic receiver can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Points to be noticed before pigging system installation

Firstly, do not install the pigging system in the environment with corrosive gas, as this may damage the cylinder and sealings. Secondly, do not install the pigging system in a strong magnetic field environment as this may adversely affect the pig detector. Thirdly, the service life of the pig depends to a large extent on the quality of the installation: the internal trimming of the pipeline, the welding, the cleanliness and any factors that may affect the smooth movement of the pig.

Pigging system installation time

In fact, there is no unitary answer to the installation time. Because each pigging system is unique and designed around the exact requirements and needs of our customer. However, as a general guide, the average installation time of installing a simple pigging system from one source to one target is about 3 days. Of course, this includes electrical and mechanical installation. Other types of solutions, such as multi-source to multi-target systems, take a little longer.

Introduction of the hose pigging system

Piggable hoses of different materials can be used for different products, such as food, lubricating oil, chemicals and daily chemical products.

Stainless steel special joint and flange joint ensure the safety and hygiene of connection. The piggable hose can be flexibly connected to different targets from different sources without being limited by distance or location. Consequently, the recovery of pipeline products becomes more simple and convenient.

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