HYPERFORE is a pigging system supplier. We are established in 2005. And we are one of the most experienced pigging systems and pigging soloutions companies. Most importantly, we take credit for so many successful pigging cases for all these years. Also Our pigging system is sanitary, besides, they can be both manually operated and automatic controlled. Of course, it is mainly composed of launching station, receiving station and pig. The pig starts from the launch station and passes through the pipeline at an even speed under the push of compressed air or liquid. When a pig arrives at the receiving station, it can recover more than 99% of the valuable liquid products in the pipeline.

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As a pigging system specialist, we supply made-to-measure pigging systems ,pigging productspigging solutions for all sorts of customers. In addition, our after-sales service is caring and thoughtful. We will give technical support concerning pipes, welding, instrument, automation, installation and commissioning, spare parts, etc. Customers’ needs always first in our mind.

The pigging systems we fabricate and the pigging solutions we supply are suitable for all kinds of pipelines, such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, candy, detergent, paint, and so on. As long as the product can be pumped, we can pig it.

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