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HYPERFORE manual pigging system is an economical and hygienic pipeline product recovery equipment. Chiefly, it includes manual launcher, manual receiver, a pig (pigging projectile )and other piggable components. In addition, it is mainly applied to household liquids, cosmetics, detergent, pet food industries and so on. It is fit for customers who want to save cost or do not pig the pipeline frequently. The payback of the manual system (product recovery system) is fast. It is cost-efficient equipment. it is also a good match for manual operation pipeline pigging and semi-automatic pipeline pigging.

Manual Pigging System Launching Station And Receiving Station

  • Launching station is to send the pipeline pig into the pipeline, so that the pig pushes the product towards the correct destination.
  • The propellant gas, passes through the launcher to drive the pig, moreover, it can keep it moving steadliy in the pipeline.
  • The receiver stops the pig from leaving the pipeline. Likewise, it also sends back the pig to the launcher for cleaning.
  • Neither the launcher nor the receiver is with dead corner .
  • Both the launcher and the receiver are easy to disassemble and install, used together with the pig speed regulating device.
  • Screwing open the lauching station and put the pig in. Similarly, manually open the receiving station and take out the pig for cleaning.

Detailed Introduction Of Manual Pigging System

DIN11850DN25, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150
ISO1”,1.25”,1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”, 5”, 6”
MaterialSS304, SS316L for parts contacting products
Pressureless than or equal 0.8MPa
Polishing OR<Ra1.6, ID<Ra0.8, ID<Ra0.375
Temperatureless than150°C
Pig driving Pressureless than or equal 0.2MPa normally
Economical Manual Pigging System Specification

This table is in reference to the general technical data for Hyperfore manual pigging system.

  • The launching station and receiving station can be cleaned together with the pipeline.
  • Inserting and Removing pigs manually and cleaning the pig outside the pipeline.
  • Enabling CIP and SIP of the pig and stations if needed
  • The pig is manually taken out of the pipeline after it reaches the receiving station
  • Before being inserted into launching station, the pig needs washing
  • Over 99.9% valuable liquid products can be recovered
  • Easy to be installed and dismounted
  • Very little liquid residue remained in the stations
  • Customized pigging products available

A manual pig launcher is a device which can shoot a VMQ projectile (“pig”) into the pipeline to perform a variety of functions, such as cleaning the pipe and receovering the product, likewise removing the air or condensate.

Main characteristics
  • Cost saving and economical
  • Process connection:Welding(*)
  • Material in contact with product:SS316L
  • Material not in contact with product:SS304
  • Seal: EPDM(*), other materials on request
  • Size: DN25-DN150, ISO1″-ISO6″, other sizes on request
  • (*): represents default


DMSSLBAD025ADN25 Φ29*1.5
DMSSLBAD040ADN40 Φ41*1.5
DMSSLBAD050ADN50 Φ53*1.5
DMSSLBAD065ADN65 Φ70*2.0
DMSSLBAD080ADN80 Φ85*2.0
DMSSLBAD100ADN100 Φ104*2.0
DMSSLBAD125ADN125 Φ129*2.0
DMSSLBAD150ADN150 Φ154*2.0
Size for DIN Pipes


Size for ISO Pipes

The two tables shows the pipe types and sizes that Hyperfore manual pig launchers are applicable to.

A pig receiver is a device to stop a pig when it has cleaned the pipeline and recovered the products in the pipe, or from where one gets a pig out of a pipeline without interrupting the liquid product transportation.

Main features
  • Manually operation, cost saving
  • Process connection: Welding(*)
  • In contact with product: SS316L
  • Not in contact with product: SS304
  • Sealing: EPDM(*), other materials on request
  • Size: DN25-DN150, ISO1″-ISO6″, other sizes on request
  • (*): represents default


Size for DIN Pipes


Size for ISO Pipes

The above tables are to illustrate the general sizes of Hyperfore manual pigging system, special sizes can be customized.

You Have Problems about manual pigging system? We Have Answers

HYPERFORE is one of the largest suppliers for sanitary pigging system equipment and related services in China. Our group also specializes in automation system, processing engineering, as well as technical support.

Optional Solutions

Our pigging system services are optional. Customers can choose our technical service items according to their special needs

Process Design

The 3D process design service supply the installation layout of pigging system and the dimension of each equipment in the pipeline

Electrical Design

We improve the accuracy of the cabinet design work by efficient management, so that our electrical cabinets are with high quality


Hyperfore provides fully automatic or semi-automatic pigging system control software, and tailored solutions to meet your automation control needs

Technical Support

Pigging system technical support include system testing, maintenance, online technical support, personnel training, ect.

Spare Parts

We provide piggable valves, piggable equal tee, elbows, pigs, detectors, speed controllers, liquid and gas seperators, and so on.

WE HAVE Answers Ask Us Anything
Which propellants are proper for pushing the pig?

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of propellants, gas propellant and liquid propellant. As has been noted, sterilized compressed air or nitrogen is usually used to push the pig. Meanwhile, we use water, liquid product or solvent as the pushing medium.

How many functions does a pig speed controller have?

Firstly, it can control the flow of driving medium in the pipeline to ensure the constant driving force applied to the pig.

Secondly, it can ensure that the pig in the pipeline can get the appropriate driving force.It is often used together with sanitary pigging system and aseptic pigging system.

How many advantages does a pigging system have?

Hyperfore pigging system provides many advantages for companies producing liquids.

For example, it can increase product yield, and reduce water consumption and waste.

At the same time, it improves efficiency, because valuable products can be recycled.

What’s more, our pigging system, helps to improve environmental sustainability.

Most important, the return on investment is fast, usually 3-6 months to recover investment.

He product recovery system work?

Hyperfore pipeline product recovery system is a simple, effective liquid processing equipment. Firstly, put the pig into the launch station. Secondly, use gas or liquid with appropriate pressure to drive the pig to run in the pipeline. Thirdly, the pig can reach the receiving station. Finnally, we achieve the purpose of pigging or recovering product.

Why a pig is stuck in the pipeline?

1.Construction relics during pipeline construction:

Because the dirt left in the pipeline during pipeline construction may cause blockage. Meanwhile, there are many internal substances in the pipeline, so the pipeline should be cleaned before pigging.

2.Pipe deformation:

Becauce the pipeline is damaged due to construction, or likewise, effected by external influences in the process of pipeline operation. Therefore, the pipeline is stressed and deformed, resulting in pig sticking accidents.

3.Wrong valve selection:

Certainly, among all types of valves, ball valve is the best choice from the perspective of pigging. Because the ball valve operates quickly, it is not easy to be blocked.

4.The valve is not in the fully open position:

Another key point, due to incorrect operation, the valve is not opened in place. Therefore,before pigging, the pipeline valve must be checked to ensure that it is in the fully open position.

How long can Hyperfore pigging system be used?

Selecting a good pigging system is very important. If the user maintains the pigging system properly, Hyperfore pigging system will last for a very long time. As a matter of fact, the service life can reach over 20 years. Being that our pigging system is efficient, durable and reliable. However, nothing is eternal, so regular replacement of certain components, such as pigs and seals, will help extend the life-span of your system. Moreover, the maintenance is also important to ensure that the system is in the best state. Also, all our pigging system have an one-year warranty period.

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