Pigging Automation & Electrical Engineering

HYPERFORE has more than 16 years experience in automation and electrical engineering in liquid processing industry, especially for pigging system .

automation and electrical engineering
automation and electrical engineering

Pigging Automation Knowledge

For automatic pigging process control, HYPERFORE developed industrial automation solution platform software Iplant IT. This platform software can be applied not only to standalone pigging systems, but also to whole plant automation solutions. HYPERFORE also implemented many turnkey automation and electrical engineering services, including process design and seamless integration of automation systems to existing systems.

Strong Automation and Electrical Engineering Team

Programming pigging automation system and software according to any specifications

Modifying existing software and controlling system

Integrating new equipment control into the existing system

Composing functional design specification (FDS)

Providing a wide range of operator interface display, from simple HMI to full-scale SCADA systems

Designing and manufacturing durable electrical control cabinet and electrical installation work.

automation programming step
remote technical support
Mastering Different PLC Systems

For automatic pigging control, Hyperfore provides standalone and integrated automatic control system with HMI or SCADA system. We also provide reliable and cost-effective automatic components, and instrumemts. Furthermore, our automation control systems are for both pigging system and other liquid processing production lines.Altogether, we are proficient in Siemens PLC, Allen Bradley PLC and GE PLC.Pigging Automation helps save cost, human labor and time.

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Our Services

Pigging System Remote Technical Service

Automatic Pigging Control, Pigging system remote commissioning, monitoring, supporting and training.

Remote Operation or Monitoring

Authorized personnel can remotely monitor the on-site production through mobile phones, computers and other equipment at any time,thus greatly reducing the failure rate in the production process.

Remote Technical Support

Engineers can offer production guarantee in time, to minimize the possibility of shutdown. Likewise, upgrading and maintaining the equipment remotely via the computer , saving money and time.

Remote Commissiong

If the engineer can not go to the site due to epidemic situation, the commissioning can be completed via computer remotely, therefore it can shorten the delaying period caused by force majeure factors.

Our Services

Electrical Panel Manufacturing

Hyperfore has dozens of years’ experience in electrical panel design and manufacuring. Our electrical control panel is robust and safe.

Electrical Design

We use EPLAN P8 to make electrical cabinet design. Electrical drawings are characterized by clear classification, accurate functions and strong systematicness.

Panel Assembly

The electrical components are arranged neatly, fixed firmly,and easy to be disassembled and replaced. Different colors of the signal lines are clearly distinguishable.

Exfactory Testing

HYPERFORE implements exfactory inspection of the electrical panel before delivery, ensuring the quality of the electrical cabinet, reducing time of on-site commissioning.

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Why People Are Choosing Us For Pigging Automation And Electrical Engineering

Expert Engineers

HYPERFORE automation engineers are proficient, we have over 16 years experience in this field.

Different PLC systems

We master in Siemens, Allen Bradley and GE controll equipment, and PLC of other brands.

Flexible Solutions

We provide both standalone automation system and integrated automation system for liquid processing pipeline.

Quality Services

We’re Providing Quality Pigging
Automation and Electrical Services
Common Questions

A semi-automatic pigging system in automatic in some steps of the pigging process. However, other steps of the process still need to be manually completed. For example, in the launching station, sending the pig into the pipeline is automatic. Nonetheless, pigs will be taken out manually at the receiving station. Similarly, in a manual pigging system, the pig is detected by a pig detector. Because PLC controls the pig detector, so it is semi-automatic.

Comparatively, manually operated pigging systems are more laborious and easier to cause human operation errors. The automatic pigging system can cutting human mistakes, saving human labor, so it is more effective.

In general, HYPERFORE remote technical support includes: remote commissioning ,remote personnel training, remote operation and monitoring. In fact, any IOS or Android mobile phone, laptop, computer with MAC or windows operating system are supportive.

HYPERFORE remote automation assistance is based on the Internet network. Users do not need to configure wireless or limited networks separately. In fact, the 4G card provided by the module can help to realize the internet connection, so it is without any additional cost.

After the production, the pigging steps start. At first, the propelling gas pushes the pig to the receiving station , and the product materials are pushed to the buffer tank. Then, the gas source of the receiving station pushes the pig back to the launch station.After that, the pig stays in the launcher, ready CIP. Every step is controled by PLC and shows on HMI.

What People Are Saying

HYPERFORE is very experienced in process and automation engineering, especially in food, soft drinks, alcohol and other liquid processing industries!
Jim Smith
Founder, TechWiz
HYPERFORE automation technique is first-class, last year ,we asked them to implement automation software for our CIP, Pasteurization, Pigging System,they did very well, high quality!
Tom Reeves
Project Manager
We are a lithium battery manufacturer, we chose two automatic pigging systems supplied by Hyperfore. They also made the automation software, the pigging systems have been performed very well!
Alexa Chen
Equipment Manager
Because of the COVID-19, engineers can’t come to site for commissioning, HYPERFORE automatic engineer did remote commissioning via internet, it is the same good as on site, well done!
Elizabeth Jones
Production Manager

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