sanitary automatic pigging system

Sanitary Pigging System

HYPERFORE sanitary pigging systems are solid . They are highly automatic and efficient. They can largely improve product yields.

manual pigging system

Manual Pigging System

HYPERFORE manual pigging system is an economical, efficient and hygienic pipeline product recovery

aseptic automatic pigging system

Aseptic Pigging System

The design of its launching station makes the whole product recovery system reach the aseptic level. So, it is safe and reliable.

Launching Station

A launching staion is where the pig is launched to the pipeline. Also, it is the position where the pigging process starts working. At the same time, it is the place the pig returns after the pigging process.

Pig Stopper

If there are different destinations in the pipeline, meanwhile, product need to be recovered in several containers, then pig stoppers have to be used. Therefore, they are often installed before a piggable tee.

Receiving Station

A receiving station is where the pig is stopped near the destination when it finishes a round of recovering the product. Of course, there can be several of them if there are several pipelines to be pigged.

Sanitary pigging system introduction

Hyperfore designs and produces customized pigging solutions, sanitary and aseptic pigging systems(product recovery system) for food, medicine, shampoo, chocolate, pet food and other sanitary liquid transfer and processing industry, as well as lithium ion battery slurry industry, chemical and painting industry.

Hyperfore not only provides sanitary product recovery systems, but also product recovery system engineering services. On one hand, our products include the manual, the sanitary automatic ,the aseptic automatic pigging system, and pigging components. On the other hand, our services include proceAss design, automation system design and implementation, installation and commissioning, etc. What’s more, we also provide spare parts services for your equipment, and maintenance and repair services. All in all, we do whatever we can to ensure the safe and trouble free operation of your factory.

HYPERFORE manual product recovery system installed in a pet food factory

Economical (manual) product recovery system

DN standard
ISO standard
Applicable industriesIt is suitabe for simple and flexible applications. For instance, chemical, paint, cosmetics and detergent industries, etc. Whilst, it is fit for customers who want to save cost, but they do not have high requirement for automation control.
Manual product recovery system specifications

This table displays the specifications and applications of Hyperfore manual product recovery system.


  • The launching station and receiving station can be cleaned together with the pipeline.
  • Automation components can be further upgraded at any time.
  • Low maintenance and operation costs.

Hyperfore Sanitary product recovery system installed in a dairy factory

Sanitary (automatic) pigging system

DN standard
ISO standard
Applicable industriesIt is suitable for hygienic application in many industries. For example, food, beverage, dairy, chocolate, candy, cosmetics, shampoo, detergent, and lithium battery slurry, etc.
sanitary automatic pigging system

This table displays the specifications and applications of Hyperfore hygienic automatic product recovery system.

Product recovery system solutions include:

  • Provide functional description (FDS) of product recovery system
  • Pipeline design and layout
  • automation control system design and implementation
  • Installation services, on site commissioning and user training
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Spare parts supply

The sterile product recovery system

Aseptic(automatic) Pigging System

DN standardDN25、DN40、DN50、DN65、DN80、DN100、DN125、DN150
ISO standard1”、1.25”、1.5”、2”、2.5”、3”、3.5”、4”、5”、6”
Applicable industriesIt is suitable for industries with high hygiene requirements. As an illustration, liquid food, dairy products, wine, beverage, sauce, and pharmaceutical, etc.
Aseptic automatic pigging system

This table displays the specifications and applications of Hyperfore hygienic automatic product recovery system.


  • The whole station is aseptic design. In addition, it has no dead corner, aslo easy to clean
  • Moreover, it its easy to be integrated into product line pipeline.
  • The energy consumption is low.
  • The maintenance and operation costs is low, too.
  • Fast return on investment
  • The amount of sewage is greatly reduced
  • Super hygienic aseptic structure, can CIP and SIP
  • Standard working pressure: < 8bar

Advantages of Hyperfore Hygienic Pigging System

  • Hyperfore pigging system recovers lost product.
  • Hyperfore pigging system eliminates flush waste.
  • It minimizes the cost of pipeline cleaning.
  • It makes higher yields and product quality.
  • Hyperfore pigging systems help companies be more competitive.
  • It is more friendly to the environment.

As an illustration, in some factory with long distance pipelines, they might transfer different products in batches. In that case, pigging shows significant economical benefits. Firstly, just one pipeline can transfer multiple products, therefore pigging can save money and space. Secondly, pigging makes it easy to empty products that tend to freeze, condense, or break down.Thirdly, pigging pipes don’t need keeping warm or heat tracing. And most importantly, pigging save much more time than manual emptying the pipeline. Moreover, pigging consumes less detergent, produces less COD, reduces valuable products loss. In conclusion, pigging brings a lot of advantages.

How does Hyperfore pigging system work?

Hyperfore designs and produces customized pigging solutions according to the special needs.The system consists of a pig launcher(launching station), a pig, and a pig catcher(receiving station).

how does Hyperfore sanitary pigging system work
how does Hyperfore sanitary pigging system work

Phase1: product transfer

Opening the valve beside the receiving station and the valve beside the launching station.
Then, liquid product transfer begins.
The blocking jack holds the pig in the launching station,So that the pig won’t move with the product.

Phase 2: pigging from the pig launcher

Product transferring is done.
Then, closing the valve beside the launcher. As a result ,the pig is released and enters the pipeline.
The propellent gas drives the pig along the pipeline to the receiving station. Therefore, the pigging system recovers over 99% of valuable product in the pipe.
The pig arrives at receiving station at the end of travel. In the meantime, the propellent gas valves are closed besides the launching station.
Before the return of the pig, the discharging valves are open near the launching station.

Phase 3: Pig return

The propellent gas pushes the pig back towards the launching station.
The propellent gas is evacuated through the discharging valve.
Once the pig returns to the launching station, the blocking rod is returned to its standby position. Thus, it maintains the pig in original position.

Made to Measure Pigging System Services

HYPERFORE can provide overall solutions for product reovery system. Such as process engineering design, 3D design service, electrical design, automation software programming, on-site commissioning, mechanical and electrical installation, on-site installation supervision, remote support and maintenance, etc.

Since we have deep understanding for production process workflow in food and pharmaceutical industries, in that case, we can supply very professional engineering services you expect. In particular, we will fully communicate with you, understand your special requirements, your goals and budget. Finnally, we provide you with bespoken services.

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