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HYPERFORE provides fluid equipment and fluid components for hygienic pigging system. Our pipeline pigging products include various components, such as cyclone separator, 3-way diverter valve, manual swinging pannel, piggable mixing proof valve, pipeline pig detector, pig speed adjustment device, pig stopper, piggable tee, etc.

Accordingly, the equipment and components are applicable to dairy, alcohol, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, homecare and household products and industries with strict requirement for hygienic level. Furthermore, the pigging products are robust,during and cost-effective, Most importantly,

HYPERFORE pipeline pigging products make the pigging system powerful and perfect. Because they can help reduce manual intervention, complete the pigging operation efficiently and smoothly, provide customers with more options to meet the requirements of different processes. In addition, they also contribute to reduce product waste, improve production efficiency and improve profits.

We make our pigging products last long so they keep their shine as a symbol of heritage and faithfulness.

HYPERORE pipeline pigging prouducts are reliable, because of the high quality and long service life. However, the cost is low in the long run.

It takes commitment to be able to provide you with top-notch service that we’re so proud of.

For all the HYPERFORE products, we provide spare parts, maintenance service and technical support.

We start with a solid foundation, do an upgrade on your existing process flow!

HYPERFORE recommend pigging products according to the actural process flow, we upgrade existing productiong process to make it efficient.


Discover your own Pigging Products Needs

We supply different kinds of pigging products for your tailored pigging solutions.

pipeline pigging products

Pig Position Detector

Cyclone Separator

pigging products-piggable tee

Piggable Equal Diameter Tee

Automatic Pig Speed Controller

pigging products-machenical pig speed controller

Mechanical Pig Speed Controller

Piggable Swinging Bend Panel

Why cyclone separators are important pigging products ?

When the pig is going back to the launcher from the receiver, the material to be discharged is a mixture of gas and liquid. However, when the gas-liquid mixture is discharged from the pipeline, the mixture will splash all over the surrounding, and cause environmental pollution. So as to prevent this from happening, a cyclone separator is required. As a result, the gas will let out from its upper outlet, and the liquid will flow out from its bottom outlet, and there will not be splashing any more.

Advantages of a cyclone separator

  • Simple structure and easy to be disamounted and assembled
  • A spray ball is inside the seperator. Moreover, the seperator can be cleaned online together with other equipment by CIP
  • Improving efficiency and avoiding environmental pollution
  • Ideal choice for a pigging system which gas is used as the pig driving medium

pigging products-cyclone separator
DGLSKBAT013A 1-2.5″ 40525.425.412.725.4
DGLSKBAT025A 3-4″ 40038.125.425.438.1
DGLSKBAD015A DN25-65 40515151525
DGLSKBAD025A DN80-100 40025252540
Cyclone Separator Size

The above table shows the general technical data of the cyclone separator.

  • Compact structure, one piggable swinging bend panel can connect 3-10 destination tanks
  • Manually operated, reducing cost
  • Convenient to connect pipes, double-layer plate structure, square steel frame support, convenient to disamount and assemble the elbows that connecting the pannel
  • The central position of the pipe is accurate, the pig can pass through smoothly, the sealings are firm
  • Reducing pipes and valves, cutting cost
  • Suitable for pigging from one source to multiple destinations or pigging from multiple sources to multiple destinations

pigging products-piggable manual swing bend panel

DIN 11850 series

Part Nr.SizeAB CD
DMSSFBAD025ADN25 380 853Φ29*1.5130
DMSSFBAD040ADN40 4801053Φ41*1.5190
pigging products-piggable manual swing bend panel

ISO series

Part Nr.SizeABCD
DMSSFBAT025A1″ 400 853Φ25.4*1.5152.4
DMSSFBAT032A1.25″ 480 853Φ31.8*1.5190.8
DMSSFBAT089A3.5″ 950 1453Φ88.9*2.0533.4

The above tables are to display the size of the technical parameters of the piggable manual bend swinging panel.

pigging products
  • Pig speed is controlled through gas flow volume
  • Display of gas flow volume and pressure
  • Adjustment of the pig speed when it leaves the launching station until it reaches the receiving station
  • Capable of bearing pressure less than 0.8Mpa
  • Independent of the length of the pipeline
  • Manually actuated
  • Installation orientation: horizontal
  • Seal: EPDM
  • Material: stainless steel for the housing

pigging products- pig speed adjuster
Part Nr.Size (L/min)ABC
DPSC00CC1010 10-100L/min 514210434
DPSC00CC2020 20-200L/min 514210434
DPSC00CC4040 40-400L/min 406210332
Machanical Pig Speed Controller Size

The table above is the general technical parameters of the machanical pig speed controller

Why pig detectors are necessary pigging products ?

The pig is invisible when running in the pipeline, so the pig detector is useful to help detect the position of the pig, or for pig tracking.The stainless steel bolt assembly lock the male and female parts of the clamp around the piggable pipeline, and the clamp cushion is used to prevent the clamp from loosening and slipping.

The magnetic proximity switch is fixed on the clamp male part and locked by the self-contained nut piece to prevent vibration and falling.

Features of a pig detector

  • The pig detector consists of clamp male parts, clamp female parts, clamp buffer pads and stainless steel bolt components
  • The pig detetor greatly reduces the search scope,one can quickly find the pig
  • Easy to disamount and assemble
  • When the pig detector detects the pig ,the HMI will display the signal
  • Ideal choice for a pigging system ,especially when the pipeline is long
  • DN25-DN150,ISO1inch-ISO6inch
  • Material:304, 316L
  • Detection distance:100mm,60mm
  • Used in a pigging pipeline with branch
  • Long T-Piece with guide, for the pig smoothly passing the branch
  • DN25-DN150, ISO1inch-ISO6inch
  • Material : SS304, SS316L
  • Not affecting the flow volume of liquid
  • Reducing pipeline pressure drop

pigging products-piggable tee
ISO series
Part Nr.SizeD*T1 AT2
P2721AA0254 1″25.4*1.5  33.53
P2722AA0318 1.25″31.8*1.5  383
P2723AA0381 1.5″38.1*1.5  48.53
P2724AA0508 2″50.8*1.5  60.53
P2725AA0635 2.5″63.5*2.0  83.54
P2726AA0761 3″76.1*2.0  88.54
P2727AA0889 3.5″ 88.9*2.0 103.54
P2728AA1016 4″101.6*2.0 1274
Piggable Equal Tee Size

The table above is about the technical parameters of the piggable equal tee.

pigging products- pig speed controller
  • Filtering the water, bacteria, tiny particles in the compressed air
  • Automatically adjust the air flow volume to control the driving pressure
  • Keep the pig moving in an constant speed
  • Setting the pressure value through HMI, adjusting the gas flow volume to control the driving pressure
  • Guarding the pipeling against excessive pressure
  • Ensure the safety of operators
  • Specification:10-200L/min. 20-400L/min. 40-1000L/min
  • Operation pressure: 6-8 bar
  • Process connection: quick coupling

The mechanical speed controller can ensure that the pig moves at a constant speed in the pipeline, no matter how long the pipeline is. Furthermore, it decreases the wearing of the pig, and ensures effective operation of the pigging system.

The automatic stop station is to stop the pig at any position along the pigging system pipeline. Altogether, it includes five parts: the housing, pig position monitoring device, the stopping bar, and the sealing. There are two types of connection methods: flange connection and clamp connection.

Sanitary pig detector is a device to find the position of pig along the pipeline. Certainly, it is an important part of the pigging system. In general, it is usually located near the launching station and the receiving station. But for very long pipeline, a pig detector is installed every ten meters. In conclusion, it is suitable for manual, automatic, semi-automatic pigging systems.

A piggable manual swinging pannel is usually used to substitute for the piggable diverter valves in a pigging system. It is more economical and easy to operate. Nonetheless, it is suitable for pipelines that are not frequently pigged, because it needs manual operation.

Both 3D bend and 5D bend are fit for the pigging system, generally long bend is better than short bend. 1.5D bend sometimes is also ok, but when the pig pass through a 1.5D bend, it may get stuck. So, we recommend 3D bend and 5D bend for a pigging system.

Hyperfore magnetic pig detectors include two types, one is the detection range of 60mm, the other is the detection range of 100mm. Important to realize, which type to choose depends on the diameter of your pipe and the product the pipeline transfers. Both types of pig detectors can effectively find the positon of the pig.

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