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Piggable valves

Piggable 3-Way Diverter Valve

HYPERFOER piggable diverter valve is sanitary design, it satisfies the needs of both production and pigging.


Hygienic Design

The 3-way diverter valve is hygienic design without dead space, it can be cleaned by CIP and SIP


Save Cost

It is a substitude for manual piggable diverter panel, reducing human laber cost and error and improving efficiency


Suitable for Pigging

3-way diverter valve is piggable, the pig can pass trough the valve smoothly during pigging


3-Way Piggable Diverter Valve

The piggable valve 3 channels are distributed at 120 °. As a result, pigging can start either from one starting point to the other two destinations, or from two starting points to one destination. Also, the product can be transferred smoothly. Meanwhile, it’s sanitary design makes no cleaning dead space . Above all, HYPERFORE 3-way diverter valve is robust and reliable,and maintenance frequency is very low, it is faster and more efficient than a piggable diverter panel.

Piggable 3-way diverter valve DIN series
DMVPBAD025ADN25 Φ92 163.8 Φ29*1.5 Φ29*1.5 
DMVPBAD040A DN40Φ118 179.5 Φ41*1.5 195 
DMVPBAD050A DN50Φ141 186 Φ53*1.5 195 
DMVPBAD065A DN65Φ190 212 Φ70*2.0 195 
DMVPBAD080A DN80Φ226 255 Φ85*2.0215 
DMVPBAD100A DN100Φ267 284 Φ104*2.0 285 
3-way diverter valve ISO series
DMVPBAT025A 1″ Φ80 169  Φ25.4*1.5  195 
DMVPBAT032A 1.25″ Φ98  163.8 Φ31.8*1.5 195 
DMVPBAT038A 1.5″ Φ112 171.5 Φ38.1*1.5 195 
DMVPBAT051A 2″ Φ142  199.5 Φ50.8*1.5 195 
DMVPBAT064A 2.5″ Φ168 202 Φ63.5*2.0 195  
DMVPBAT076A 3″ Φ202  243  Φ76.1*2.0 215   
DMVPBAT101A 4″ Φ262 301 Φ101.6*2.0 285 

The tables above shows the detailed technical parameters of the 3-way piggable diverter valve.

Case Study

Below is an automatic pigging system PID HYPERFORE designed for our customer who manufactures toothpaste. The customer produces 8 different kinds of toothpastes, therefore pigging starts from one source tank to eight storage tanks. In order to recover the product, also to invoid cross contamination, we use the 3-way diverter valves.

After the production procedure of the first pipeline is over, the pig begins the recovering work. Firstly, it starts from the launcher and arrives at the receiver, then the pig is pushed back to the laucher again. As a result, more than 99.5% of the toothpaste is saved.The first round of production and pigging come to an end. After that, the production procedure of the second pipeline begins. And it transfers different kind of toothpaste, when the production is over, the pigging procedure begins. During pigging, most of the product is recovered ,only a very thin film of toothpaste is left on the inner wall of the pipeline. And it is the same for the other pipelines.

Case Study

This is a pigging system we designed for a Parkistanian customer who manufactures mayonnaise. Accordingly, we provide an automatic pigging solution, including pigging system, electric control cabinet and software. Although, this is pigging from single source to single storage tank, in order to recover the product, and drain off the mayonnaise that contaminated by metal, we recommend the 3-way diverter valves to solve the problems. At first the production procedure begins, after that is the pigging procedure.At last, more than 99.5% of the product is recovered. Furthermore, if metal is found in the product in some part of the pipeline, then this part of product shall be dumped through one of the channels of the 3-way diverter valve.

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