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Hyperfore was established in 2005, we specialize in sanitary pigging systems and provide relative hygienic pigging solutions. Our expertise extends across various industries, such as dairy, sauce, food, alcohol, beverages, cosmetics, liquid medicine, chemicals, and so on. We are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

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The industries we serve

Modular Pigging Products

  • Automatic pigging system
  • Manual pigging system
  • Sanitary product recovery system
  • Aseptic product recovery system
  • Dual-pig product recovery system
  • Powder Recovery Pigging System
  • Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver
  • Sanitary one-piece Pig
  • Hygienic lip Pig
  • Turbo Jet Power Pig
  • Pig Detector
  • Piggable 3-way Diverter Valves
  • Piggable Ball Valves
  • Automatic Pig Speed Controller
  • Mechanical Pig Speed Controller
  • Pig Stoppers
  • Cyclone Separators
  • Piggable Piping & Fittings

Customized Pigging System Solutions

  • Pigging System Turnkey Project
  • Pigging System Automation Control
  • Pigging System Process Design
  • Pigging System Remote Technical Support
  • From product reception to pre-mix tanks
  • From pre-mix tanks to process tanks
  • From process tanks to storage tanks
  • From single source to single destination
  • From multiple souces to single destination
  • From single souce to multiple destination
  • From multiple souce to multiple destination

Benefiting customers in all kinds of industries

Hyperfore pigging system solution is widely used in many industries. It is mainly applied to the liquid treatment industries that products are transmitted through pipelines, and the products have high requirements for hygiene level. Our pigging system and solutions help our customers improve their competativeness by increasing yields, reducing waste, enhancing profits and much more.

Hyperfore pigging system and technology is being used by various applications. These sectors include food, dairy products, beverage, paints and coatings, shampoo and washing agents products, cosmetics,pet food, chocolate,lithium battery slurry and many other products.

Our Team

Hyperfore pigging system technical team is a highly skilled and experienced group. They are dedicated to developing innovative solutions in sanitary liquid and powder product recovery fields. With diverse backgrounds in engineering, mechanical design, and automation control, our team does well in delivering customized solutions for various industries. And their experience spans from small to large-scale engineering projects, ensuring tailored approaches. we value unique needs, offering comprehensive training and support to customers. Our team has always been focused on high standards and high quality. Our pigging technical team is professional, innovative, and customer-centric, and they deliver excellent solutions.

Richard Gan

General Manager

Guopeng Wei

Engineering Manager

Sarah Hou

Procurement Manager

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Mechanical Engineer

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Hyperfore is a professional technical engineering company with expertise in technology development, technical consulting, and the research and sales of mechanical products across multiple domains.


Hyperfore is a leading domestic brand specializing in pigging system products, technical services, and turnkey engineering projects. Renowned for our expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions in the field of pigging systems.

Quality management certificate

The Quality Management System Applies in the following area: Process Engineering and Software; Hardware Design and Industrial Automation System; Sales and Technical services of Process engineering systems and industrial Automation Systems Product

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Software Name: Pigging System Automatic Control System Software Version: V1.0 Copyright Holder: Beijing Hyperfore Technology Co., Ltd., Original Acquisition, All Rights Reserved

Hyperfore supply sanitary pigging system, manual pigging system, launching station, receiving station, pipeline pigs, pigging products, pigging system automation, pigging system installation, pigging system services, etc..

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