5 Types Of Sanitary Pipeline Pigs

5 Types Of Sanitary Pipeline Pigs and Functions

There are 5 types of sanitary pipeline pigs for Hyperfore pigs, sometimes, it is a tough job for end users from different industries to determine which type of pigs can be used for a certain application. However this is Hyperfore’s field of expertise. Our efficient solutions are not only limited to process design and engineering implementation, but also cover the selection of different types of pigs and selection of pigging products and any other pigging related technical support and service. We’ve assisted so many customers globally to identify the best pipeline pigging equipment and they have gained a lot of benefits by cooperating with us in pigging, which will benefit their future development.

Hygienic Lip Pig

Lips of lip pig is replaceable, components are easy to assemble and disassemble. It is bi-directional, not single directional. The unique design make the lifespan of the lip pig very long.It is suitable for products with higher friction. The lips are soft and elastic, the waist is relatively thin. The lip pig is flexible, it is able to pass through 3D bends and 1.5D bends.

One function of lip pig is that it is suitable for pigging sanitary or aseptic liquid product with particles, and runs in piggable pipes that are non-standard size.

 lip pig
Lip pig

Sanitary One-Piece Pig

Hyperfore one-piece pig is sanitary design. It is also bi-directional. The spherical head can evenly bear the force, easy to be inserted to the launcher. Thin waist make it possible to pass through 3D bends and 1.5D bends, meeting the requirements of complex engineering environment. One-piece pig is able to pass by reducing Tee easily. The permanent magnet is wrapped inside the pig. Even if an accident occurs, the permanent magnet will not produce debris pollution.

One function of sanitary one-piece pig is that the pig is used for almost all liquid processing pipelines, it can recover the residue product and make it available for sale. Another function is that, one-piece pig scrapes off the medium stuck to the inner wall of pipeline, protecting pipes from corrosion, and meanwhile minimizing the possibility of contamination between different batches of products.

one-piece pig

Sanitary one-piece pig can be applied to almost all hygienic liquid processing pipeline. The industries include food, beverage, brewery, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, syrup, chocolate and so on.

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Hygienic Double- Shoulder Pig

Hyperfore double– shoulder pig is a kind of one-piece bi-directional pig. It is used for pigging sterile area, so it is made of product compatible, wear resistant, temperature resistant, and flexible material. Most importantly, the shape allows for safe cleaning of all smooth surface, which has no pores.The double-shoulder pig satisfy all requirements for pigging process equipment, including stable dimensions, smoothly passing through 3D bends and tees. The inside magnet makes it detectable.The success of pigging technology depend on the selection of suitable pigs, and the operating characteristics and stability of the pig are the most important. Pigging automation requires pigs to be detected in pipelines reliably.The double-shouldered pig can fit closely with the pipeline and cause high friction, so it requires greater pushing pressure than lip-pig and one-piece pig , it can be cleaned with the launcher and the receiver during CIP. The double shoulder pig scrapes pipes very effectively and results in a higher product recovery rate. It is made of PU, EPDM, VMQ,FKM and so on. Hyperfore Double-shoulder pig can be applied in many fields, like food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, household cleaning agents, etc.

double- shoulder pig

Hyperfore Lip Pig For Chemicals

Hyperfore lip pig for chemicals is specially designed for chemicals products, lithium battery slurry, chemical product with particles, and sticky product. It is strong, durable and impact resistant, made of materials resistant to corrosion. The Lip pig has two layers of lips and stainless steel covers. It is suitable for pigging sticky products and ensures a satisfying results for product recovery. When the speed of the pig is not well controlled, the solid stainless steel ball covers can prevent the pig from being damaged. The inside magnets make sure the pig to be detected with Hyperfore pig detecting unit anywhere along the pipeline. The lip pigs for chemicals contributes to the improvement of product yielding and reduction of cross-contamination.

lip pig for chemicals
Lip Pig For Chemicals

Hyperfore Powder Recovering Pig(Turbo Jet Pig)

Powder is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, plastics, coatings, construction and other fields, it plays a very important role in a lot of industries. Powder can be used as food, medicine, filling materials, functional materials, pharmaceuticals and biological materials, and processing materials and so on. Powder formulation is a common form in the modern pharmaceutical industry, and can be used to manufacture tablets, capsules, powders, oral liquids and other agents. In food industry, it can also exist in the form of milk powder, vegetable fat powder, starch, flour, etc. It can work with Hyperfore manual pigging system, automatic system.

Powder Pig Features:

  • There are six gas injection ports at the front end of the powder pig
  • During the process of traveling in the pipeline, N2 can be ejected from the injection end to loosen the powder attached to the pipe wall, and the air flow is used to transport the floating powder to the end to achieve a better pigging effect.
  • After pigging, time and manpower required for further cleaning can be much reduced.
  • ISO 1.5”-ISO 4” and DN40-DN150
  • Highly wear-resistant food-grade pigging material
  • Other pipe standard sizes can be customized
  • Other sealing materials including EPDM/FKM/VMQ can be customized
  • Able to be equipped with fully automated system
pig for powder pigging
Pig For Powder Pigging

How Can the Pigs Be Found When Running In the Pipes?

To monitor the location of pipeline pigs is very important during pigging. Hyperfore pigs are normally used in pipes with diameter from ISO 1inch to ISO 6 inch, DN25 to DN 150. Pig detection unit, like other Hyperfore pigging products, is a key tool to monitor and verify whether the pig has passed certain points along the pipe during pigging process. Normally, our pig detection unit is clamped onto the pipe surface, at the exit of the launching station and near the entrance of the receiving station. It is important to identify the pig’s entrance into the pipeline from the launcher, and whether it is getting close to the receiver.

FAQ About Sanitary Pigs

“Sanitary” means that the pigs are used in sanitary industries, like food, beverage, dairy and so on. Originally, the name“ pig” comes from the petroleum industry. At that time, when metal devices were used to clean pipelines, the metal surfaces rubbed against the inner wall of pipes and generated harsh noises that reminded people of pigs. Moreover, after being removed from the oil pipeline, the contaminated pipe scrapers looked like dirty pigs. That’s why the pipeline cleaner is called pig.Pigs are important components for pigging service.

Hyperfore sanitary pigs for pipeline include several types. One-piece pig is suitable for all fields, especially for food, dairy, beverage, etc.Lip-pig is suitable for pipelines with non-standard inner diameters, it is also best choice for products with particles and may cause high friction. If you want to clean pipelines that produce chemicals (with particles or not), the best choice is Hyperfore special lip-pig for chemicals. And Hyperfore Turbo Jet pig is most suitable for pigging pipelines that transfer powders. All types of pigs are cost-effective, and fast return on investment.

Pipeline pigs are selected based on the applications and production process. All Hyperfore sanitary pigs can smoothly pass through 3D bends and piggable 3-way diverter valves. Hyperfore one-piece pigs and double-shoulder pigs can be applied to food industries, lip-pigs can be applied to chemicals and household agents producing pipelines. Turbo Jet pig can be used for powder manufacturing fields.

Maximum speed is 60 meters per second

The speed of the pig can reach 60 meters per second. But at such a speed, the pig can even break the glass. so it is not necessary for the pig to be too fast. As a matter of fact, the ideal speed of the pig is 0.5 meters per second to 2 meters per second.

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