How Does Pigging System Assist Paints, Coatings Manufacturers in Cost Control?

pigging system for paints and coatings

Pressure imposed on paint, coating manufactures due to chemical raw material price rising

The winter came in the second half of 2020 for paints, coating and liquid building material manufacturers, due to the fact that raw material price was rising tremendously. 

substantial increase in prices of resin, solvent, titanium dioxide and other raw material, coupled the impact of production and electricity restrictions.

Although industries implement internal control optimization measures, they still can’t handle the pressure caused by rapid and sustained increase of raw material price.

As hygienic pigging system (product recovery system) expert, we have many successful pigging system cases in various liquid processing industries. Hyperfore believes that the pipeline pigging technology can help these industries by cutting waste, reducing cost, improve productivity, and enhancing efficiency. 

In this article, Hyperfore illustrate our opinions about how hygienic pigging technology can help paint, coating and liquid building material industries, especially, small and medium-sized manufacturers overcome the difficulties. 

How much have these raw material prices increased? Some figures below can illustrate:

Comparing with the situation in May, 2023,solvent products price rose about 15-25%,TDI about 8-12%,alkyd resins increased by about 10-15%。

In August, the price of domestic propylene glycol was 8794 yuan /ton, +14.86% compared with the price in July, + 4.47% compared with the price during the same period last year, and +8.43% f compared with the price in January.

In August, the price of domestic isopropyl alcohol was 7888 yuan /ton, +11.18% compared with the price in July, + 11.74% compared with the price during the same period last year, and +21.62% f compared with the price in January.

pigging system for coatings industry

Reasons analysis for chemical raw material prices increase

There are some major reasons as shown below that lead to the raw material price rise , thus impacted the product cost.

COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 attacked the whole world, coupled with large-scale lockdowns and travel restrictions, have a very negative effect of the global raw material market.  Many problems came out in the stages of the supply chain,also lead directly to the raw material price rocketing.

Supply and demand imbalance

The recovery of economies all over the world and the revival of industrial growth increased the market demand. Meanwhile, the globally inadequate supply of the raw material is another important factor. 

Environment protection restrictions

In order to protect the earth and reduce contamination, many countries implement production restriction policy. This equals artificially reduce raw material supply to some extent. And as a result, the price is going up and up.

FAQ of pigging system paints and coating

Pigging System for Paints and Coatings

  • Prevent product cross contamination.
  • Largely reduce Product Waste.
  • Enhance productivity and profit.
  • Speed up changeovers.
  • Cutting down humor labor and improve efficiency.
  • Reduce Flush Water and CIP Chemical Waste.
  • Reduce Waste Water Treatment Costs.

Pigging in paint and coating industries means that pigging technology can be applied in paint and coating pipelines.Hyperfore single pig pigging system and double pigs pigging system are both suitable for paint and coating industries.

Hyperfore one pig pigging system and double pigs pigging system can be both used to recover paint in the pipeline. The advances of double pigs pigging system are the recovery rate is high and the pipeline is easier to clean after pigging.

Hyperfore is an experienced pigging solution supplier. We have implement a lot of successful cased for paint manufacturers in China.

What are the impacts of chemical raw material price increase?

Some enterprises chose to increase product price, below are some examples:

A. Guangya Ruiyue New Materials stated,sales price of every model of powder coating was increased by 800yuan/ton based on the original price since the beginning of 2023.

B. Hubei Fuledligao Paint Co., Ltd. Issued a price adjustment letter
As major raw materials such as emulsions, curing agents, additives, and resins have increased across the board. Since 28th, September,2023 different prices for different orders for all the products.

C.On October 13th, 2023 Wuhan Shuanghu Paint Co., Ltd. Issued price adjustment information. Ever since the beginning of last year, chemical raw material price has kept rising,which has greatly reduced the company’s profit margins. The company decided,new product priced is increased by 5-18% based on the original price.

Small and medium- sized paint, coating manufacturers are struggling to survive

What’s even more serious is that,the business of global small paint, coating and building enterprises are not very good even during the economy recovery period in 2023。Survival is already very difficult, not to mention swimming upstream, or getting the profit.

The strong stay strong and the fittest survive

Price increases are a form of industrial adjustments for coatings, paints, liquid building material industries. Leading companies remain the strong ones, reshuffle the market at the minimum cost. While the weak small and medium-sized manufactures became the victims of rising raw material price and rising operation cost. 

pigging system paint

Why pigging system (product recovery system) is counterbalance for chemical raw material cost rising

What is pigging? Pigging system is also called product recovery system. Hyperfore pigging system is hygienic fluid equipment used in liquid processing plants to gather and recover the valuable residue liquid inside the pipes. You can know more here: What is pigging process and how pigging system works?

Why pigging is beneficial to paint, coating and building material industries?

In one word, Hyperfore hygienic pigging technology can lower cost and enhance profits. You can know more here how pigging system helps savings. By utilizing our pigging systems, paint, coating, and liquid building material manufacturers can realize costs drops to offset the increased the raw material price.

The benefits of Hyperfore hygienic pigging system are to largely reduce product waste, as a result, to improve product yielding and improve profits. Hyperfore sanitary pigging technology can also lower production cost by dropping pipeline CIP or SIP time, lower processing downtime, reduce the risk of cross contamination.

People may wonder how much does a pigging system cost? And we assure you our pigging system is affordable and you deserve it.

One pig pigging systems and double pigs pigging systems for paints and coatings industries.

The question is how to choose a pigging system suitable for paint and coating manufacuturers?

Hyperfore one pipeline pig pigging system and double hygienic pigs pigging system are both suitable for paint, coating industries.

Usually, we use solvent during the pigging process for pigging paint or coating. This procedure make it easier for the following pipeline cleaning in CIP, and it helps to save more energy , cleaning agent and cost.

How long can paints and coatings manufacturers recover the investment?

During this special and hard times, Hyperfore sanitary pigging systems with no doubt become right hand for some related industries, especially for those who were suffering from chemical raw material cost increase. And our pigging system ROI is very fast, usually it takes less than half a year to recover the investment.

Hyperfore hygienic pigging system solutions.

Hyperfore provides tailored hygienic pigging system solutions and pigging equipment and spare parts. Our pigging system can be both automatedly controlled and manually operated, it is up to your choice. Our business scope also includes 3D process design, pigging automation software, on-site and remote commissioning, on-site and remote technical support, pipeline pigging services and pigging system turnkey project.

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